As HART works to grow and change, we made a decision in the Spring of 2013 that our dated logo needed an update.

After a process of evaluating our purpose and role in the community, we're proud to have this new logo that represents who we are.



The circular mark represents a heart which we have always identified with but these hearts also represent people who have a lot of heart because of the work that they do to help our aging population. 

The motion of the circle represents the work that the group does together in the community as we cooperatively help seniors and caregivers.


​The previous colors of red and black have been modified to crimson and gray for a more updated and fresh look while also makes it feel less harsh. We've chosen crimson as the dominant color to represent blood coursing through the heart and the very life blood in which we are sustained.


​We chose a very simple and clean font to represent the simplistic way that we approach the group and the uncomplicated and clear concept in which HART reaches our members.

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