Raleigh, North Carolina (November 11, 2015) - Health Affairs Round Table (HART) was founded in 1981 and became the largest networking group for the eldercare industry in Wake County, North Carolina.

"Previously HART was primarily seen as a networking event," says Clagett. "My vision for HART is for it to be an opportunity for professionals to create change within the older adult industry for caregivers and those they care for by breaking down silos and nurturing a spirit of collaboration with the common goal of improving the lives of those we serve and their caregivers."

We now meet monthly, continuing with the network-style event and alternating with focused civic work.


With a “heart” for caring for senior adults and their families, Clagett has brought together a diverse and complementary team to serve as a planning team for HART. The team consists of:


  • Bridget Ashe – Business Development Director, Brookdale Senior Living

  • Anne Browning - Community Outreach Coordinator, Homewatch CareGivers

  • Nicole Clagett-  Executive Director, Co-Founder, Transitions GuidingLights

  • Shelly Slaczka – Executive Assistant Transitions GuidingLights

  • Joseph Smolinski - Owner, Renaissance Funeral Home

  • Shannon Tippette – Seniors Guide

  • Leigh Warren – Special Projects Coordinator, Transitions GuidingLIghts

  • Joyce Wright – Executive Director, Atria Senior Living Community


The planning team will serve as discussion facilitators and provide guidance for the direction of HART. The major goals of the group are to attract individuals from any background who are interested in working in a group environment to tackle senior industry issues, ensure there is transparency about the management of the group, and to support local non-profits with additional funds after expenses are paid.


About HART


​The mission of HART is to bring together a community of senior industry professionals and family caregivers to identify issues impacting seniors, their families, and caregivers to affect change and bring a higher quality of life to older adults in the Triangle.